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Stan Norred & James Flack Dec 08 2008

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

On Dec 08 2008, guests James Flack and Stan Norred, along wiht radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLedo).

The discussion was about how Rockefeller (Standard Oil and other big oil companies) had been behind the push for prohibition, all to effectively wipe out alternative fuels, which had been made by small farmers (hemp, homemade alcohol, and etc).  This was done all in an effort to corner the market, which had further lined the pocket books of a few very wealthy individuals, who in turn been able to tight their control all over North American and the world.  

Stan Norred is the Chairman for the Galveston County Libertarian Party and Texas State Libertarian Executive Committee District 11 Rep. Stan also writes and contributes his insight and knowledge for numerous online yahoo groups.






In the second part of Dec 08 2008 Reginald Angus Argue's (pen name Angus McLeod's) radio show was with his second guest James Flack, who is a a local activists from Vancouver, and an online blogger at Northern Disclosure ( ). 

Briefly talked about the death of John Lennon (Kevin Annett gives a little insight into this subject).

Members of the British Monarchy, MI6, and other could have been behind the Mumbai terrorist attack, all in effort to destabilize this region, causing a nuclear war, which would allow them to recolonize this area in the future.

The discussion also focused on the proposed Federal Canadian Coalition, and how all of the political parties in Canada are not truly working for the people, as they appear to be working for the interests of the few, who appear to be from the Trilateral Commission, CFR and many other lobbyists or special interest groups.




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