Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eva Bartlett (Human Rights Activists phoning in from Gaza) & Sid Shniad, who is one of the founding members of Independent Jewish Voices. Jan 19th 2009

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM


19th of January 2009 guest Eva Bartlett (human rights activist on phone from Gaza) and Sid Shniad one of the founders of Independent Jewish Voices, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

During the show the discussion between Sid Shniad and Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) was on how the Canadian Government was the only government in the UN to vote against condemning Israel for its horrendous war crimes in Gaza, while Harper keep turning the Canadian policies and military growth in line with what Bush had done.  In addition, the comments by the current Leader of the Federal Liberal Party in Surrey, where he stated that “Israel must have a right to defend itself.”

Sid Shniad is one of the founding members of the Independent Jewish Voices.

Eva Bartlett is a (Canadian) human rights activist, with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement, who at this time taking part in the observation of what is happening in Gaza.


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