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Dr. Benab (Political Science Professor from Strayer University in Washington DC) June 30th 2008

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

30th of June 2008, guests Dr. Benab (Political Science Professor from Strayer University in Washington DC), Michael (independent cameraman, who is facing charges by the Vancouver Police Department of "assault by trespass on a public sidewalk") and Travis from We Are Change, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

-Dr. Benab was born in Iran in 1937 talked about how ordinary people in Iraq, Iran, Israel and other nations in the Middle East do not want war.

-Dr. Benab talked about the effects that were felt in Iran from Britain and Russia creating spheres of influence within Iran.

-how the ordinary Middle Eastern may possibly view the USA, with the expansion of US bases in Iraq from 30 to 58 permanent bases

-Also how ordinary Middle Eastern may view what seems like a further expansion of influence by the American military presence in many different Middle Eastern nations

-Dr. Benab mentioned since coming to the USA in 1961, he has seen an increase in the number of displaced Americans within their own nation, which shows signs that a possible recession may possibly last longer than ever thought.

-95 million working class in the USA, who are going to be victims of a recession

-Mike Barcelona talked about how he was treated by members of the Vancouver Police Department, when he was arrested on June 12 2008 while acting as an independent cameraman and filming the protest going on outside of the Colin Powell talk.

-If charged, Mike may face the possibility that this may affect his chance to travel because of a possible police record.

-Mike is facing the charge of "assault by trespass on a public sidewalk".

-Yet as pointed out Canada Place, where this protest was happened was owned by the Government of Canada under the BC Pavilion Corporation, which should make this facility public land and owned by the Canadian people. However, here in BC Canada there is a law that is called P3s, which on paper is meant to be a partnership between Government and Corporations. But in reality it is nothing more than Corporate Welfare, where private Corporations, who have gone into business with the Government take over Government facilities (which have been funded by public tax payers' money) and run them as if they were their own


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