Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jack McLamb (Police and Military Against New World Order) June 16th 2008

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

16th of June 2008, guest Jack McLamb is a American Military Veteran, Nationally Respected Constitutional Lecturer, Arizona Regional Police Academy Instructor, Hostage Negotiator for FBI, President of The American Citizens & Lawmen Association, Author, Publisher of Aid & Abet Police and Military Newsletter, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

-Jack talked dye system in New Orleans was purposely blown up.

-Portland, Indiana and Chicago were the three cities that Jack has heard may be hit by the next false flag operation (however the Neo Cons are always changing their minds and other American cities may be hit instead)

-sometime in August is when a few Neo Cons are planning to hit Iran in,

-DC Madam may possibly been a contract hit

-the connections between the sexual abuse of young boys at Boys Town and how it appears to be tied in with Bush Sr and other powerful people in America,

-Involvement of members of the Israeli Government into 911

-Government planning to come out with Internet 2 soon (which is a heavily government monitored Internet) & the Corporatization of the Internet, where everyone will have to pay for accessing different web site (much like cable packages) by 2012

-Talked about the effects of Gun Control and Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

-Red, Blue and Yellow list and how the marks on different people's mail box by their house will decide if the person is going to a camp or to be taken out.

-How the leader of France Nicolas Sarkozy is planning with members of the EU and others to attempt to subvert and ignore the recent vote in Ireland (that was against further expansion of the EU authority), by the use of a “special legal arrangement”


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