Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Michael Frisbee running for US Congressional seat in Georgia & Cindy Sheehan Radio guests on Nov 09th 2009

On November 09th 2009, Michael Frisbee, who is running for US Congressional seat in District 13 out of the State of Georgia and Cindy Sheehan came on as guests, along with host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod).

During the conversation with Michael Frisbee, the discussion was around how to turn Canada into a Republic and cut the ties with the Queen, while at the same time cutting ties with the Bank of England in regard to the US Federal Reserve.

-How Canadians can regain control over our natural resources, and put the money made off of this back into the hands of the people of Canada.

-How to shrink our government and return the power back to the people and many other issues.

The discussion with Cindy Sheehan was around the actions of the G20 in Pittsburg and how the protesters were treated.

-How Cindy felt about President Obama, who is just as much of a War Criminal as GW Bush, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

-US War Resister, by the name of Rodney Watson is in sanctuary in a United Church here in Vancouver BC Canada, because he had been order to be deported by the Canadian authorities on Sept 11 2009, and much more.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dr. True Ott on Dynamic Health Radio Show COOP Radio Oct 29 2009

Dynamic Health Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM Guest host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name Angus McLeod)

Oct 29th 2009, Dynamic Health radio show on CO-OP Radio with guest Dr. True Ott, and host Reginald Angus Argue, co-host Wayne Prante, Molly Reach.

Few points covered in this interview:

-President Obama’s daughters did get H1N1 shots as supplies increase CNN Oct 27th 2009.

-Childhood Vaccines and their ingredients and what the long term affects are.

-Countries where over 50% of the populous do not want the Swine Flu Vaccination shot

-numbers of death because of H1N1 Flu drastically lower than death caused by ordinary flu each year.

-What are the risks associated with Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine?

-1974 Henry Kissinger memo tied into Small Poxes, into Aids in Africa and the USA.

-How does the experimental vaccine that ties into Kissinger affect Native America females and Afro American female

Jake Towne Private Citzen running for US Congress CO-OP Radio, 19th Oct 2009

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

On Oct 19th 2009, Jake Towne a Private United States Citizen, who is running for US Congress in District 15 out of Pennsylvania, came on CO-OP Radio 102.7 FM CFRO out of Vancouver BC Canada, via phone, with host Reginald Angus Argue. 

During the conversation, we talked about:

-Promises of change made by the Obama Administration appear to be nothing but a false illusion

-How justification for Iraq by GW Bush and others was on faulty evidence.  Also how the Iraq and Afghanistan War are illegal.

-How toxic and poisonous that derivatives have been to US and World economy and how in the turn of the 20th Century derivatives were made illegal by the US Federal Government.  Only to be once again legalized by Bill Clinton/GW Bush Administrations. 

-What the ratifications would be to the US dollar and North American economy if China, Russia, Japan, and United Middle Eastern Countries were to bring in a new world currency.  

-Commercial real estate bubble is only just beginning to burst at the seams



Paul Glumaz & Trevor Lyman Sept 28 2009 102.7 fm

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

On Sept 28th 2009, guests Paul Glumaz (writer, public speaker, and member of Lyndon LaRouche Movement) and Trevor Lyman (famous for organizing grassroots fund raising for 2008 United States Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul Congressman from Texas), along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) and Kevin Kelso.

Paul Glumaz was talking about the Irish and Indian famine, he was also showing how free trade is utterly destructive to nations, as only a few grow rich off of this while the natural resources and ordinary people are being exploited.

Paul Glumaz has written an article in the past called "Then and Now: British Imperial Policy Means Famine."

Trevor Lyman talked about G20, how the money bomb and the blimp ideas worked to help out the Ron Paul Campaign raise finances in the way of fund raising and how we could use these ideas to help out other people running for office to raise money.

Kevin Kelso who is a member of the Canadian Action Party gave his insight into the many different topics that were discussed throughout the show.



Bill Siksay NDP member of Federal Canadian Parliament for Burnaby/Douglas BC Canada Sept 07th 2009

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

On Sept 07th 2009, guest member of Federal Canadian Parliament for Burnaby/Douglas BC Canada, for the NDP party, Bill Siksay, along with radio host Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod), Kevin Kelico, and co-host Ben Rampre.

The discussion was around US War Resisters being allowed to stay in Canada, Iraq and Afghanistan war were/are illegal, bringing our troops home, and many other topics.

Former Democratic US Senator Mike Gravel from Alaska USA Aug 17th 2009

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

17th of August, Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) had as a guest the former Democratic Senator out of Alaska, Senator Gravel.

During this interview, the discussion was around the ideas of direct democracy, legalizing industrialized hemp and marijuana (within allocated areas because of the issue of second hand smoke and people with lung problems), the United States is already bankrupted, and the list goes on.


Hilmar Von Campe, former Hitler Youth talking horrors of Nazi Germany July 27th 2009

Monday Brown Bragger Radio show Vancouver Canada 102.7 FM

27th of July Reginald Angus Argue (pen name of Angus McLeod) had as a guest Hilmar Von Campe. This was originally broadcast on CO-OP Radio (102.7 fm CFRO on the Internet) out of Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

Hilmar Von Campe is a former Hitler Youth, who served in the German Army on the Eastern Front in 1943 until the end of WWII. Hilmar talks about how he realized that he had been lied when he was a child growing up. And he has dedicated the rest of his life to atone for the crimes that the German people had committed during the holocaust and WWII, upon many different ethnical races of people throughout Europe and the world.